Projects.LaunchRiot by Avi Zuber

Zula Links

Bookmarklet for mailto: Links for Zula

Zula allows you to send emails into spaces within their app. Zula Links allows you to generate a bookmarklet so you can share websites from your browser that will then be emailed directly into a Zula Space.

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Font Booyah

A Font Icon Experiment

Wanting to see what it took to make something like Font Awesome, Font Booyah features some random and fun icons.

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A Free Teaser Template

Featuring a video background and MailChimp integration, this is a bootstrap-based "coming soon" template.

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Rungs Countdown

End-Of-Day Countdown Timer with Random Quote

A simple "inspirational tool", letting users know how much time is left in the day and providing them with an inspirational quote. Also features a random background, chosen based on time of day.

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Rungs MVP

MVP of a Goal-Tracking Webapp with Journal Entries

A Laravel 5-based web app for creating projects and keeping a progress journal.

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